Carefree Chic Design Packages

carefree-chic-01CAREFREE CHIC

carefree-chic-02Relaxed, breath of fresh air. Summery style with light colours. Perfect for smaller spaces or to lighten the mood.


What are the benefits of a design package?
We take away the worries of getting it “right”. We offer a fully serviced furnishings package, we manage the ordering and co-ordination of delivery so that from start to finish it’s hassle-free for you. Our packages are based on our images, which represent the style of furniture and accessories. Some items may be substituted. Please contact us to find out more.

You also know where you stand with costs at all times, there are no hidden extras. If you would like to add bolt-ons to your package, we are happy to oblige.

London Cool Design Package

London Cool design package inspiration
London Cool

London Cool 002Sleek, sexy, cool. The design aesthetic focuses on clean lines, with a dark colour palette, and luxurious textures and accents. Perfect for city living.

London Cool 004Tired of seeing the same furniture on the high street? Unsure where to find interesting furniture and accessories for your home that won’t break the bank? Benefit from our background in luxury high end design. We offer a neat solution for home decorating by creating a solid starting point for your home, from a beautifully designed concept that you can grow from and add to. So much more than the high street.

London Cool 003